About Sacon

Sacon Group Pty Ltd was formed with the sole intention of helping customers identify and extract maximum value from the ‘cloud’. Cloud technologies are changing the way organisations procure and consume IT services. Sacon’s vision is for a multi-cloud landscape were organisations are free to choose and consume their IT services as needed without restrictions.

Our goal is to help customers harness the power of the cloud and unlock the many benefits this technology can provide. We want to help you focus on delivering the core business activities that provide your point of difference.

We recognise every organisations journey to the cloud will be different. For this reason we offer services under three lines of business covering both traditional and cloud based IT.

  • Solutions – defining, delivering and integrating cloud solutions based on our CARE² framework of (capture / clarify), (analyse / assess), (report / recommend), (execute / evolve).
  • Optimisation – Providing Commercial and Technical services that ensure you extract maximum value from your IT assets.
  • Consulting – Delivering a wide range of IT consulting services through our team of experts.